Our Journey

We are Maarten, Tobias, Dylan and Gijs, and like many of you, we've spent countless hours on the road and in the air, navigating the challenges that come with traveling. We've wrestled with overstuffed bags, stressed over exceeding weight limits, and grappled with the inconvenience of regular travel. We understand your frustrations because we've been there ourselves. This led us to dream, design, and ultimately create a revolutionary product, Airback® - the first bag with a built-in vacuum-sealing system.

The Aha Moment

Born from our own travel frustrations like overpacking and baggage fees, Airback® is our solution for a more convenient, eco-friendly travel experience. After brainstorming, prototyping, and refining, we introduced a built-in vacuum-sealing system to create a bag that's both practical and stylish.

March 2020
The challenge that sparked our idea

The Aha Moment

In 2020, we embarked on a journey to turn a bold idea into reality. Surprised by the lack of backpacks utilizing plastic vacuum bag technology, we set out to create a durable, sustainable compression system. Our mission led us to integrate the vacuum bag concept into a backpack compartment, culminating in the innovative design you see today after numerous sketches and iterations.

June 2020
Refining the technical elements

Working Out the Concept

In the challenging climate of 2020 and amidst the COVID crisis, our concept began to take form. We focused on creating a prototype and sought the right partnership. Leveraging our past business connections and their expertise in technical fabrics, we teamed up with a trusted supplier. Despite COVID-related obstacles, we successfully developed our first functional prototype, giving birth to Airback.

February 2022
Making the Airback exceptional

The Design Process

We are committed to clean, minimalist design, focusing on user-friendly functionality, exceptional quality, and cutting-edge technology in our backpacks. In February 2022, we made a major stride by filing for our first patent for our innovative compression technology. Throughout our design process, we've given equal importance to both the technology and the overall aesthetics and functionality of our backpacks.

Oktober 2023
Kickstarter Success: The Launchpad to Production

The Manufacturing Process

In pursuit of bringing our vision to life and initiating mass production, we turned to Kickstarter, a renowned crowdfunding platform, as our launchpad. The response was nothing short of phenomenal. Far surpassing our expectations, we achieved a remarkable milestone, raising €350,000 within just a month. This overwhelming support not only kickstarted our production journey but also significantly bolstered our brand and product development. Our Kickstarter triumph is a testament to the faith and excitement our backers have in our vision, propelling us forward into a promising future.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We're aware of our planet's fragility and the importance of each of our roles in preserving it. That's why we've committed to a circular system - allowing you to send your bag back to us when it's lived its life, whereupon we, along with our partners, will give it a new purpose. We offset all our carbon emissions, and we're always seeking ways to enhance our sustainability efforts. We're not just creating a product; we're striving to create a better future for all.


Boasts excellent water resistance


Durable zipper build to last


Specially coated for lifelong durability


Recycled fabrics used for the most parts