Does the Airback Meet standards of an airline carry-on?

Airback: Approved Hand Luggage Size for most airlines!

What is the maximum and best size for the laptop and tablet compartment in the Airback?

Airback: Effortlessly Fits 16-Inch Laptops in Dedicated Compartments!

What is the main fabric for the Airback

Airback boasts superior durability with its carefully chosen materials. The main fabrics, ultra-durable Oxford Nylon and Polyester, ensure longevity and resilience. What sets us apart is our innovative use of specially developed TPU coatings for the compression parts, guaranteeing both flexibility and robustness. With Airback, you're not just carrying a bag; you're investing in enduring quality and innovative design.

How does the compression technology work?

The provided instructions outline a simple and efficient process for compressing clothes or belongings you want to compress.

1. Pack your clothes or belongings inside the bag:

2. Zip it closed securely:

3. Utilize the Airback pump to compress and vacuum-seal your items, ensuring maximum space efficiency and convenience.

Do you have a patent on this product?

We have all design patents for our design. Our utility patent in the EU is pending at this moment.

How much does a single backpack weigh?

Urban - 1.7kg / 3,75lb
Travel Deluxe - 1.9kg / 4.19lb

Can the Airback fit under an airplane seat?

- Yes, it fits under a airplane seat

I can't find the FAQ i'm looking for. Can I e-mail you?

Yes, you can mail us to: hello@airback.us

How does the charge port in the Airback work? Does it include a battery? What kind of cable does it support?

We've designed a special compartment inside the bag for your power bank. It's not built-in to avoid airline issues. You can connect almost any existing power bank to Airback.
Our Port offers a USB-A and USB-C port.

I am interested in collaborating with Airback. What steps should I take to initiate the process?

Kindly email us at hello@airback.us with comprehensive details and your collaboration ideas with Airback. We appreciate your proactive approach.

What is the maximum weight limit for carrying with the Airback?

We have conducted tests with Airback, confirming its ability to carry up to 40 kilograms.

How does the Air Pump Work

You can see the Air Pump Manual here: View Manual here